Fly Rod Builders

In need of a custom fly rod? Here is the contact information you need to reach out to top notch professionals!

Bejuco Flats Fly Co.

Bejuco Flats Fly Co is a family run, fly tying and custom rod building adventure! Our goal is to provide effective, durable and reasonably priced flies and custom-built fly rods to fly fishing enthusiasts.



Venture Custom Rods

Venture Custom Rods owned and operated by a fly rod and fly-fishing enthusiast! Venture Custom Rods also custom makes their own customized cork handles. 


C. Barclay Fly Rod Co.

C. Barclay Fly Rod Co. builds small batch fiberglass rods as well as custom rods upon request. Only the highest quality materials and finest components are used!



Joe Nicklo

A Poor Man's Auto Rod Wrapper. 

Normally, auto wrappers retail for a beginning price of $295 and go up from there depending on the manufacturer and accessories. The Poor Mans Auto Wrapper is my design and invention. Can be built with a Harbor Freight electric drill, some scrap wood, aluminum rod and the ability to bend a few pieces of plastic with a tension screw and nut to form a treat carriage.
The tread carriage will automatically follow along the aluminum rod being guided by the tight thread wraps on the rod blank. 
I discovered recently the thread carriage will also move along the aluminum rod, giving consistent tight wraps, when hand wrapping … no need for an electric motor.